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What are red flags for a first date?

First dates can be exciting, but you must be aware of any potential red flags indicating that the person you’re dating may not be a good match for you. Here are some common red flags to watch out for on a first date:

  1. They’re disrespectful or rude: This is a major red flag if your date is consistently rude or dismissive of you or others.
  2. They talk only about themselves: If your date dominates the conversation and doesn’t ask you questions or show interest in your life, it can be a sign of self-centeredness.
  3. They’re controlling: If your date tries to control the conversation or makes decisions for you without your input, this can be a red flag for controlling behavior.
  4. They don’t respect boundaries: If your date doesn’t respect your boundaries or tries to pressure you into doing something uncomfortable, this is a major red flag.
  5. They’re dishonest: This is a major red flag if your date is dishonest or evasive about essential things, such as their job or relationship status.
  6. They’re overly critical or negative: If your date is overly critical or negative about everything, this can signify a pessimistic or judgmental mindset.
  7. They’re inconsistent: If your date seems to be saying one thing but doing another or their actions don’t match their words, this can be a sign of inconsistency or unreliability.

Trusting your instincts and paying attention to any red flags that may arise during a first date is essential. If something doesn’t feel right, it’s better to be cautious and take things slow.