5 Things You Should Never Say To Interracial Dating

Interracial Dating

Interracial relationships, for some reason, are only spoken about concerning extremes. Even when it comes to Interracial online dating, they’re either loved or hated, glorified or judged, exotic or taboo. Rarely is there a middle ground. At times, it feels like there’s a magnifying glass on the couple through people’s eyes in society. The behavior is very baffling, seeing as there tends to be more openness in the 21st century, and anyone should feel free to date whomever they please. Lingering stares, uncomfortable questions, and crude remarks are just some of the damaging racial microaggressions these couples endure. Stated below are five things you should never say to Interracial dating couples.

“You’re Going To Make The Most Lovely Mixed Babies. “First of all, nobody said that the interracial couple was planning on having kids, so it is disrespectful to assume so. Even if they were planning on getting children one day, they would be lovely because they’re lovely, not because they’re multiracial. All those Tumblr accounts and Pinterest boards devoted to praising mixed-race babies may seem cute, but they’re somewhat racist and highly problematic. The notion is spread that these kids’ “unique” ethnic makeup is the primary thing that makes them lovable. This is not okay and can easily lead to low self-esteem situations.

“It Must Have Been Hard For Your Parents When You Told Them “Just because some individuals out there still discriminate against interracial dating doesn’t mean that the couples’ parents did or do. Presuming that the folks fall into this category automatically is insulting, even if the statement has been stated indirectly. Furthermore, even if some parents have given one or both members of an interracial couple a hard time, you shouldn’t pry at that moment. Ignore it as a side note and change the subject if possible. If the partners want to tell you about this experience, they will do so at their leisure.

“You Guys Are The Future. Seriously “Remarks like this only end up magnifying the twisted notion that the interracial couple is trying to be progressive. They are just two human beings who love each other and do not seek to prove some statement by walking down the street hand-in-hand. While some people genuinely think this is a compliment, it quickly makes the couple feel uncomfortable. Often, it makes them feel like they are being put on a pedestal for a new social reform movement or something, and they do not deserve to be put in that position.

“It Must Be An Awesome Story How You Guys Met “Not all interracial dating couples have a forbidden Romeo and Juliet love story. It’s not always like you see in television romance programs. The story of how they met is probably just as ordinary as other couple encounters. The more people act like mixed-race couples have fairy tales about their relationships, the more the younger generation learns that they are somehow different from other couples. That’s precisely the kind of thinking that needs to be written off.

“I’m Very Proud To Know You Two. “People are proud of one another after something of significance has been accomplished. Two people dating each other from different races do not count as an achievement. It is not appropriate to make it sound like the interracial couple has overcome some incredible obstacles just to be themselves. Also, this statement puts a lot of pressure on the partners, but other people are usually oblivious to the phrase.