Save Your Marriage With Online Marriage Counseling With Skype
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Save Your Marriage With Online Marriage Counseling With Skype

I have more than 15 years of good experience and great success with online couples therapy, as some of my clients live outside Zealand and abroad.

Primarily we can use Skype, Zoom, Facetime (Apple) – or just a regular phone connection if everything else is excluded.

Skype Zoom Phone Facetime

The online sessions can take place either from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

You do not even have to sit together for us to do couples therapy. Sometimes I have had teams, one of whom, for example, was stationed in a foreign country or been at work or traveling, and therefore we each sat in his place (three places). It also went well.

With online couple therapy, you can see and hear me, and I can record your reactions in connection with your mutual conversation. At the same time, I control the conversation, and you learn new communicative skills and tools.

Many online clients prefer to sit at home in their living room in a safe environment. It just requires peace without interruption for 90 minutes – as well as an internet connection, a webcam, and good lighting so that I can see you. If the internet connection is poor, we use the picture online and the sound over the phone with listening.

The long journey for some clients

With online sessions, you save transport time to my clinic. However, it should just mention that some of my clients still choose the long journey. For example, I have had clients in North Jutland who came in with the morning pilot and went home again in the afternoon, but this is one of the rarities. Other clients choose to come to Copenhagen, for example, every additional time. And then some have a relationship in multiple cities. For example, in Oslo, I have my “clients,” and at the same time, I have an existing patient relationship with a person in Sydney, Australia.

Some online couples therapy also uses video conferencing, also called remote treatment. This is a video teleconference to a couple’s home base to be present in the same physical place. There are cameras, sound, and the internet. In addition, the webcam is also used for good communication. With video therapy, the couple gets together remotely, by teleconference, to use all their senses. They can see each other sitting side by side on a couch or table without being so close. They can see pictures. They can even see them doing things together so that the communication is ongoing. Because of the digital image and sound, online marriage counseling can be concluded faster. Because the internet is fast, online marriage counseling can be concluded without waiting for a telephone call. And by using video conferencing, there is no time of waiting for a call.

Online Marriage Counseling: Choosing Topics

In online marriage counseling (online parterapi), we must have suitable topics to deal with. So, a couple must also understand that with online marriage counseling, they can choose from several programs. There are also many books about relationships. The internet has a lot of other benefits, too. Not only can a couple avail themselves of email counseling, but they can also access other things online, like reading and study groups. However, most couples prefer to use the telephone for marriage counseling. Also, during the phone conversation, the phone operators should assist and help so that the team can get along well.

Online marriage counseling with Skype can be more advantageous than the telephone. The digital images and sound allow a couple to talk to each other in a better manner. In addition, in online marriage counseling with Skype, online couples therapy can be concluded in no time to move forward in their relationship.

Online marriage counseling is quite convenient. They are available at home so that they can be conveniently at the place of the client. As a result, you can concentrate on your personal life and take care of other issues in the back of your mind. Moreover, by giving one-to-one counseling, it is more comfortable, and it becomes easier to have a chat with your spouse.

How to Strengthen and Boost a Marriage:

In the present times, the internet can be used for many reasons. But an explanation is not necessary. What is essential is that the internet can be used to strengthen and boost a marriage. It is an effective and helpful tool for couples to get along better, find the hidden issues, and fix the problems.

Another advantage of the internet is privacy. Online couples therapy with Skype is more private and has a relaxed atmosphere. You can keep your questions to yourself and discuss them with your spouse. In addition, your spouse can find other couples with similar issues so that they can have a chat with them. In short, if you want to keep your relationship healthy and strong, you can have a look at other online couples.

Even the phone can be helpful if you put yourself in the shoes of your spouse. There is no reason for you to be rude or abusive. However, there is a need for the other spouse to be sensitive. One should not be aggressive. It does not mean you do not love your spouse. It is a sign that you are busy and also a sign that you are confused. You should know that your spouse is aware of your actions and is aware of your feelings. As a result, you can keep your marriage healthy and strong.